Since we develop, test and manufacture all of our packaging products in house we also have a certified test lab to conduct all of our package performance testing. We can provide testing either as part of a development project or as a standalone service for you to validate your current or prospective packaging solution. All of our packaging engineers are ITSA certified to conduct testing procedures and provide documentation of the results. Based on the results, we can provide you with reccomendations as to if you need more protection or if you have the right amount for your product to ship safely.


Many companies fail to fully realize the true value in packaging and the benefits and cost savings that can be found in having the correct type of protection when shipping fragile or valuable products. Here are a few of the reasons to test your packaging:

  • Validation of level of protection
  • Correct amount of packaging as to not overspend on excess materials
  • Analyze potential customer perception of current packaging after transit
  • Consider alternative packaging to save money or provide better protection
  • Determine potentail points of failure before comimiting to new packaging

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