ADE, Inc. takes pride in its ability to design unique packaging solutions that meet the specific needs of either a single customer or a single fragile product that's shipped by many customers in a common market. In either case, ADE's design department uses a disciplined, interactive approach that includes design engineers, salespeople and, most important, the customer, who is both the source and final judge of all the design efforts.


The Design process starts with information regarding the Customer's needs and objectives. While product protection needs are recognized as paramount, our design process also explicitly considers all the secondary needs that can play a major role in the acceptability of a package such as accommodating products of different sizes, the physical size of the package, which effects shipping costs, storage space requirements, re-usability, disposability, attractiveness, package unit cost and whatever else might be of concern.


From the customer supplied information a Design Plan is created, reviewed and implanted. The end result is an actual package that will be reviewed and tested by either ADE or ADE and the Customer. If necessary, further modifications are created and tested until the Customer is satisfied that their objectives have been met.


ADE has the capability to produce package samples from any of our product groups that fully replicate, from a performance standpoint, the actual manufactured package. Thus test results from samples can be used as a reliable standard for commercial production. ADE has a Certified Test Lab and has all of it’s packaging engineers ISTA trained and certified. For the Electronics Market, ADE has the ability to assure compliance with current ESD requirements. ADE has built its reputation on its willingness to tackle difficult packaging problems and its willingness to do so, regardless of the quantity! For us, any packaging problem that is solved is a piece of useful and profitable knowledge.

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