The Mini Compression Pack is our smallest, most compact standard pack. It provides fully transparent protection for small fragile products from storage, handling, and shipping damage. The product is gently suspended and immobilized between two rings of clear, inert, polyurethane film. The rings are mounted within a clear, re-closable, injection molded container that features a positive lock closure. This allows you to visually indetify and inspect products with out exposing them to the outside elements. Useable surface area is 1.125” x 1.125” x 0.625” oval - Outer dimensions are 1.75” x 1.75” x 0.75”.

  • Easy to use, very labor friendly
  • No out-gassing or molecular transference
  • Provides superior product protection
  • Conforms to various shapes and sizes of parts
  • Can be cleaned to Class 100
  • Can be gamma bombarded
  • Turnkey solution, ready to use out of box
  • Unique design and presentation
  • Non abrasive film protects sensitive surfaces
  • Reusable and replaceable film rings

    The Mini features a clear, robust injection molded case with a friction fit closure system. Once secured shut the product will remain protected until it is intenionally opened.


    The Mini features a non-hinged two piece design that makes it ideal for handling small to micro components in either labratory or production environments.


    The Mini can accomidate a large range of smal to mico components meaing this one sku can fit items from different applications significantly packaging reducing inventory..

Whatever your needs are for shipping and protecting fragile products, we can provide an economical solution.


Crystalair® Mini Compression Packs are designed specifically to protect small to micro delicate or fragile products and parts with highly polished and sensitive surfaces that can be easily damaged from the vibration and shock that occurs in any normal lab, production or shipping environment. Here is an example of some of the applications that benefit from using our products:

  • Collimation Lenses
  • X-Ray Imaging Crystals
  • Fused Silica
  • Molded Optics
  • University Labratory
  • IR Filters & Diffusers
  • Ball Lenses
  • Diode Laser Components
  • Sapphire
  • Holographic Optical Elements
  • Spectroscopy Components
  • Kelvin Sockets
  • Electron Tubes
  • Infared Microlenses
  • Prototype Components


Crystalair® Compression Packs outer case and rings are precision injection molded from specialty resins. Film is adheared to the rings with a propritary process that does not use any adhesive or chemicals that can contaminate the product.

The film is a propritary, non abrasive blend that is designed to provide superior protection while not marring the surface of the product. The film secures the product in place yet stretches enough to allow for dissapaion of shock. Also has no out-gassing or molecular transference.

All of our Crystalair® Compresion Packs are reuseable. In the case of damage occuring over time the film rings can be replaced while reusing the outer case. Our packaging is ROHS compliant and contains no hazardous substances or materials.

If you have a product that requires a custom design we can work with you to develop a package for your specific product or application. Our packaging designers will create a package to your requirements that will safely and efficiectly ship your product. We can also test to ITSA or ASTM standards if required.

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