ADE invested in 3D printing technology long before it was as prevalant as it is today. We prototype and develop all of our packaging products internally and in order to stay ahead of the compitition we have a state of the art 3D printer in our design lab. Not only can we create one off designs and develop new packaging lines but we can also 3D print our customers products when needed. Often times a product is still in development and it is not possible to get a sample of the actual product to design packaging for. In cases such as this, we can 3D print a prototype directly from the source file and create a mock up that is actual size and weight. This than allows us to develop the protetive packaging and have it ready for production as the product itself is being manufactured. We can also 3D print as a service, if you need a prototype for what ever reason we have the ability to 3d print one for you. Just send us the 3D file, we’ll adjust it as necessary and print a copy for ouy to evaluate.


While some may be obvious, here are a few reasons to utilize our 3D printing services:

  • Create a prototype to determine optimal packaging solution
  • Evaluate a physical sample prior to production
  • Speed up packaing development cycle
  • Product is too valuable to test
  • Product is not available to leave facility

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