With over 35 years of experience in the packaging industry ADE has the knowledge to help your company streamline its packaging program. ADE has developed successful packaging programs for many companies throughout the years and stands ready to assist your company in developing its own.

The process starts with a full analysis of the current packaging program. From the materials used to the time spent packaging a product no detail is over looked. The analysis will uncover hidden ways in which your company can save time and money by improving its packaging program.

ADE will examine the ease of use of your current packaging and determine if there is a simpler method. Often times an employee spends too much time handling a product in order to prepare it for shipping, this wastes valuable time and money that could be better spent in other areas of a company.

ADE will examine the performance of your current packaging. With an ISTA certified lab and ISTA certified professionals your packaging will be put through industry standard tests to determine the quality of the performance and whether your product requires more protection or possibly less.

ADE will also examine often overlooked areas of packaging programs such as the amount of warehouse space needed to store current packaging materials. Also the number of SKU's needed to accommodate your products, can either of these be reduced? Also, customer perception, how does your packaging represent your company and its objectives?


ADE can provide your company with expert analysis of your packaging methods and materials and assist you in the direction to save time and money by examining the your entire packaging program. Specific points of analysis:

  • Ease and efficiency of current packaging method
  • Protective performance of current packaging method
  • Customer perception of current packaging method
  • Amount of allocated warehouse space needed to house current packaging materials
  • Reusable vs. one time use packaging
  • Number of different SKU's of packaging materials.

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