Laptop Pack
Industry leading manufacturers use the ADE Slingspring? design to package their Laptop computers.

Window Pack
Door & window manufacturers use ADE packaging for large glass windows.

Learn more about how our Flex N' Stretch? packaging line can help your company save time and money. Click here


???????????For over 25 years, ADE has been committed to design, develop and efficiently produce protective packages and packaging materials that do one thing?reduce your Total Packaging Costs. ADE offers a fully ISTA Certified Design Lab to meet any of your custom packaging needs. See how you can reduce damage and save money!
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Let us solve your packaging needs . Whatever your needs are for protecting fragile products, we have a solution. We also offer custom molding solutions as well as Packaging Design services:

  CareNSol? Sustainable Packaging --------------------- A World of difference in recyclable packaging.

  FlexNStretch? Protective Packaging ----------------- Laptops, CPUs, servos, electronic parts, etc.

  Crystalair? Compression Packaging-------------------- Electronic, photonics, laser rods, etc.

  Nescel? & Cancel? Cushioning & Products -----------Circuit boards, hard drives, electronics, etc.

  Added Value Injection Molding services----------------Metal inserts, painting, sonic-sealing, etc.

  Custom Packaging Design services------------------- --Let us do the packaging design work for you.


Food: Our Nescel? cushioning is ideal for specialty chocolates & candy.

Medical/Dental: Our Crystlair? compression packs are perfect for small, delicate objects.

Aerospace: Our Flex N' Stretch? packs can accommodate sensitive instrumentation.

Electronics: Use our Cancel? pouches for any circuit board.

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